LED Trainer(Modular Type)
• Learning how to drive LED through Basic Theory and Various Practices for LED
• Visible Ray Communication Practices by use of LED
• Brightness/Color Control and Output waveform Measurement Experiment about LED
• Understanding the communication between ZigBee-mounted Module and Main Monitoring System
Movie Clip
Required Device
• ED-9820-1 Incandescent & LED Light
• ED-9820-2 Dimmer
• ED-9820-3 LED Sensor Light
• ED-9820-4 Light Control
• ED-9820-5 Visual Light Communication
• ED-3121 Ubiquitous Monitoring System
• Table
- Dimension: 1490(W) x 846(H) x 800(D)mm
- Material : MDF, Lockable Drawers
- Easy-to-Move Wheel
• Rack : 1490(W) x 918(H) x 320(D) mm
• Cable : 1set (Power, Communication etc)
• User’s Manual : 1ea
• Software CD : 1ea