Refrigeration / Air Condition

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• Total measuring program based on PC containing a required temperature, pressure and humidity for air-conditioning refrigeration experiment
• A check of temperature, pressure and enthalpy from the PC at real-time
• The continuous measurement and comparison between experiment data and standard data related to temperature and pressure
• The constant comparison of enthalpy value, temperature and pressure in Mollier diagram
• To automatically calculate and save enthalpy value, refrigeration effect, condensation effect, compression ratio, drying value and COP value of every part based on Mollier diagram
• Operating control(ON, OFF) of monitoring and machine using data saving function and electric control board in the PC
• The possibility to data processing, application and control based on result of continuously measured data and graph
• To provide brief PC interface with RS 232 , USB, Wireless communication
• Computer controller program is possible to link up with air-conditioning refrigeration experimental instrument and to apply to other machine following user’s demand
• The variety of refrigerant selection according to an available refrigerant (R-22, R-134a, R-404......)
• Interchange with other program drawing a graph by saving excel file of all data
• The application to equipment with temperature, pressure and humidity and possibility to positive response following user’s demand
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