Refrigeration / Air Condition

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ELECTRIC WIRING Training Equipments
• The machine works to DC 24V, but output of power is possible both DC24V and AC 220V
• The experiment with thread wiring of cool-air condition is similar to field
• The experiment with real wiring to automatic operation circuit necessary to an operation
• Self-operation test with power lamp after operating thread wiring
• The experiment with thread wiring to fundamental circuit and application circuit of power line and refrigeration electricity
• The experiment with thread wiring after separately designing circuits including temperature control circuit, pressure control circuit, defrost control circuit and electronic valve control circuit
• The experiment with thread wiring to designing various circuits including Magnet switch, relay , the push button switch, select location, toggle switch, buzzer, the general timer, defrost timer, power lamp, working lamp and stop lamp
• The possibility of detaching or attaching MC, relay, timer etc. by keeping in a drawer
• Automatic simulation program for refrigeration system
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Required Device
• Tool set
» box for tool storage
» compression tool
» Stripper
» Nipper
» Driver set (+, -)
» Banana jack(2M) red 10EA, black 10EA