Refrigeration / Air Condition

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• The experiment on temperature, pressure, automatic control of the deice with Ice Accumulation and mechanical trouble
• The comprehension of refrigeration system with Ice thermal storage and device’s principle
• The experiment on cycle change of refrigeration equipment according to temperature and Mollier diagram drawing in P-I diagram drawing part.
• Theoretical education and experiment related to efficiency test of deice and Ice storage
• Theoretical education of a fundamental circuit, application circuit and experiment with Ice storage
• The sequence screen attached to the graphic module control department and power automatic control machine for experiment on temperature, pressure and automatic control and operation
• Unlike separated system from machine department , the control department is visual
• Automatic control with graphic panel and two automatic control modules
• Data formation by data auto-saving and P-I diagram auto-operation in the system with control program
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Required Device
• Machine
• Control
• Simulation
• BLDC compressor for ED-5855GL
• Condenser : Air-cooled type, single-phase 220V (inclusion of transparent glass tube) for ED-5855GL
• Liquid receiver, Accumulator : transparent glass style for ED-5855GL
• Data Program (ED-5859) for ED-5855/ED-5855GL
• Banana jack red 20EA, black 20EA
• Power cable
• Manual