• Does not cause noise and smoke.
• Select mode: operating mode, training mode
• ECU is mounted inside a transparent cover.
• Each sensor is connected to ECU pin at the terminal which checks can be attached to the panel.
• Each sensor and the ignition system to check the pin can be mounted on the outside of the terminal can check the current status and self-diagnostic connector and the external terminal can be used for general purposes by installing.
• POWER: DC 12V and 220V(Auto Charge)
• Measurement range: according to engine speed, fuel injection measurement, MPI granted arbitrarily change, Engine speed control, check the spark to spark plugs, timing, timing, RPM, Dwell
• Measurement items: ECU, AFS, TPS, BPS, MPS, WTS, O2, ISC, ATS, purge solenoid, injector, Fuel pump, fuel pressure gauge, voltmeter, spark plugs, power transistors, distributor, Variable speed motor control cabinets, AFS suction motor, DLC, control relay, key boxes, and function selection switch,
• Check: engine operation, fault codes, sensor values.
• Part of the installation check points.
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Required Device
• Manual: 1 set