• Gasoline Engine 4 Cylinder simulator. (Second hand)
• Electricity control of engine training and examining kits.
• All parts operation correctly. (Frame structure built in engine changeable and security frame)
• All parts of engine built in original wiring set up.
• Built in generator, radiator and starting and operating is enable.
• Built in real vehicle dashboard –working correctly.
• Built in sockets for fuel tank, ECU, radiator and pan, key box, fuses and relays
• Urethane roller (fixed 2, rotation fixed 2) : over 8”
• All sensor in equipment, operating correctly, and Self detection terminal built in outside of equipment
• Storage battery, muffler, fire extinguisher and acceleration system install separately
• Wiring color is equal to original vehicle’s it
• vacuum and fuel injection check enable
• fuel tank make specially and fuel flow will be showing.
• All frame painted urethane paint for car.
Movie Clip
Required Device
• Manual: 1 set