• Modular PLC system with GLOFA-GM4 PLC unit
• 32 input points / 32 output points
• Monitoring of internal data through the 4-digit LED
• LD (Ladder Diagram), IL (Instruction List), SFC (Sequential Function)
• Stepping motor and DC motor installed as standard for rotational / linear movement
• Basic 3 Modules : Input Controller, Output Simulator, Count & Position Simulator
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Required Device
IM-4260-2 PLC Input Controller
OM-4260-3 PLC Output Simulator
PM-4260-4 Count & Position Simulator
AD-4260-5 A/D Converter
DA-4260-6 D/A Converter
PT-4260-7 Power & Terminal Transfer Unit
PM-4260-8 Potentiometer & Meter Unit
SU-4260-9 Temperature Sensor Unit
PC-4260-10 Photo Control SCR Circuit Unit
ES-4260-11 Emergency Switch Unit
RL-4260-12 Relay Unit
AS-4260-13 A Type Signal Input Switch Unit
BS-4260-14 B Type Signal Input Switch Unit
BL-4260-15 Buzzer & Lamp Unit
EM-4260-16 Electric Distributor Unit
RE-4260-17 Rotary Encoder Unit
PS-4260-18 C Type Signal Input Switch Unit
CH-4260-19 Cable Holder
ED-4230-5 Extension In/Out Unit
• Option Modules : 16ea
• Simulation Software Programmable Logic Controller
• Connection Cord(ø4) : 1set
• RS-232C Cable : 1ea
• Circuit Connection Cord : 1set
• AC Power Cord : 1ea
• Dust Cover : 1ea
• PLC GLOFA-GM4 Manual CD : 1ea
• Operating Program CD (*Provided only if a full set is
ordered) : 1ea