FACTORY AUTOMATION Training Equipments
· Comprehension of basic production automation processes such as transfer, fabrication,
classification, inspection and storage
· Convenient wiring and pipe arrangement with a label of each component such as sensors
and actuators
· PLC training system function (various types of sequence actions through a change in
PLC control program
· Counter/Timer function and motor control by PLC or without PLC (electrical method)
· Aluminum profile worktable & control modules for easy mounting
Movie Clip
Required Device
Main Structure
Operating Panel(OP-4031)
PLC Control Panel (PL-0431)
· Simulation Software for Programmable Logic Controller (EDS-SimPL)
· Patch Cord (Ø4 plug): 1set
· AC Cord: 1ea
· 25pin cable: 2ea
· Pneumatic Hose (10 meter): 1set
· User Manual: 1ea