The Computer-Integrated Manufacturing System (ED-CIM) is an educational purpose,
training system that demonstrates the logistics system based system approach that is
being used currently by industry. Th ED-CIM comes with powerful user friendly software
that integrates the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) related control with the PC to
offer real-time system monitoring. This feature allows users to set up experiments that
use advanced control methods for controlling mechanical elements in the system.

The ED-CIM course materials and experiments are designed to encourage student
interests in current manufacturing systems. Students will perform various activities
that will guide students on how to set up, control, perform trouble shooting and
adapt various command languages to control systems within the CIM. Students
will gain a greater understanding of how these systems are used in real world
industrial applications.

ㆍComputer-Integrated Manufacturing Training System under the application of
advanced control technology for real field experiences
ㆍCapable of “per unit” configuration into the two or more processes, or entire
processes for customized experiments by combining each process
ㆍGives students an insight into the production mechanism through firsthand
practices in disassembly and assembly of hardware components
ㆍExcellent “per process” configuration (Supply → Inspection →Fabrication →
Classification → Robot → Assembly → Storage)
ㆍPalette transport by conveyors which are the distributional basis of
Production System
ㆍTransport and supply by an industrial robot in the robot processing
Movie Clip
Required Device
ㆍInlet Lifter: Up/Down Transfer Lifter, Pallet Supply
ㆍSupply Process: Material Provider, Material Transfer Rotating Cylinder
ㆍInspection Process: Inspection Device, 2nd Material Provider, Material Transfer Rotating Cylinder
ㆍFabrication Process: Small Drill Machine, Clamping Device, Material Transfer Rotating Cylinder
ㆍClassification Process: Material Provider for dummy objects in three types: white,
blue and metallic
ㆍRobot Process: 5-Axis/6-Axis Compound Joint Robot, Material Detection Device
ㆍAssembly Process: Screw Driver System, Screw Feeder System,
ㆍStorage Process: X-Y Storage Crane, Classification Slide
ㆍOutlet Lifter: Up/Down Transfer Lifter
ㆍHMI Controller
ㆍHMI Software