PSA-3000 is digital synthesizer method Spectrum Analyzer of wide-band frequency and dynamic range.
It is popular spectrum analyzer widely applicable to the mobile telecommunications(CDMA/WCDMA),
RF system, broadcastings, EMI/EMC and so on.
It provides various state of the art functions like 6.4 inch Color TFT LCD, Centronics Printer, USB
Host for data storage, CDMA measuring functions(ACP, Channel Power, Occupied Bandwidth) with its
reasonable prices.
It can be used for education authorities for mobile telecommunications and RF, production lines for
terminal and telecom equipment as well as for maintenance purposes.

• High-performance Digital Synthesizer Method
• Wide Frequency Coverage : 9kHz~3.0GHz
• Superior Resolution : Minimum 1 Hz
• Compact & Portable Size
• Pre Amp as Standard

• Wide Input Dynamic Range : -130~20dBm
• Ease-of-use Key Buttons
• CDMA Measurement : ACPR, ACLR, OCBW,
Channel Power
• Various and Convenient Interfaces : USB, LAN
• 0.5 ppm High Precision Reference
Movie Clip
Required Device
• Tracking Generator
• GPIB Interface(IEEE 488 Bus)
• Ethernet Interface : for Internet Remote Control
• Soft Carrying Case
• General Kit Set
• CATV Kit Set