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FUEL CELL Training Equipments (CASE TYPE)
• Understand the conception and principal of fuel cell generation
• Fuel cell generation using photovoltaic
• Complete disassembly and assembly of the fuel cell
• Current and voltage measurement for PEM Fuel Cell Stack according to each of Cell
• Power production experiment using PEM Fuel cell
• Modularized of the processes covering electrical dissolution of water and drive of fuel cell
• Experiment on various types of load
• PEMFC(Hydrogen) generation experiment
• Testing of load for maximum four fuel cell at the same time
• Monitoring through LabVIEW program
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Required Device
• Solar Module : 1ea
• Halogen Lamp : 1ea
• Dimmer : 1ea
• Solar H2/Air PEMFC Stack(PEM Fuel Cellx10)
» 1ea
• PEM Fuel Cell
» 2ea(Serial and parallel experiment)
• H2/Air Electrolyzer : 1ea
• Adjust Resistor / Electric Load Meter : 1ea
• LED Lamp Load : 1ea
• Motor Load : 1ea
• Insolation Meter : 1ea
• Infrared Thermometer : 1ea
• Cable (Power, USB, Circuit Connection) : 1set
• User Manual : 1ea
• Program CD : 1ea