New & Renewable Energy

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NEW & RENEWABLE ENERGY Training Equipments
• Conversion processing experiments on the produced energy(power production / processing)
• Energy efficiency experiments followed by energy production and conversion
• Voltage and current characteristics curve
• Standalone or integrated operation of the energy experiment modules
• Enriched teaching aids such as simulation software for power production
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Required Device
» ED-9710-01 Charging Controller Module-I
» ED-9710-02 DC/AC Inverter Module-I
» ED-9710-03 Energy Storage Module
» ED-9710-04 Central Communication Module
» ED-9710-05 AC Load Module
» ED-9710-06 DC Load Module
» ED-9710-07 DC/DC Converter Module-I
» ED-9710-10 Photovoltaic Module-I
» ED-9710-71 RS-485 Communication Board(8ea)
» ED-9710-73 Multi RS-485 Converter(1ea)
300W Wind Generator Kit(ED-9732)
• Work Table
» Dimension : 1490(W) x 846(H) x 800(D)mm
» Material : MDF, wheel type with drawers
» Weight : 150kg
• Experimental Rack : 1490(W) x 918(H) x 320(D)mm
• Cable(Power, Serial, Circuit Connection) : 1set
• Monitoring Software CD : 1ea
• User Manual : 1ea