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ANTENNA Training Equipments
• 16 different types of Antenna
• RF source generation : 500MHz, 2GHz and 10GHz
• Software simulation of radiation Patterns and characteristics of Antenna
• Antenna Directional Coupler (Manual / Remote)
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Required Device
Dipole ANT-005DP
Folded Dipole ANT-005FP
Yagi ANT-005YG
Monopole ANT-005MP
Drooping ANT-005DR
Circular Loop ANT-005CL
Square Loop ANT-005SL
Diamond Loop ANT-005DL
Dipole ANT-020DP
Spiral ANT-020SP
Monopole ANT-020MP
Helical ANT-100HL
Horn ANT-100HR
Rectangular Patch ANT-100RP
Microstrip Planar Array(Rectangular) ANT-100PR
Microstrip Planar Array(Circular) ANT-100PC
• AC Power Cord : 1ea
• Bolt, Nut : 40ea
• PCB2321 : 2ea
• Experimental Manual : 1ea
• Patch Cord : 1set