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RFID APPLICATION Training Equipments
• F/W program practices for RFID Reader
• 13.56MHz and 900MHz in common use
• Data Read/Write to 900MHz Tag
• ED-3710 application programming (13.56MHz, 900MHz)
• Fixed Type RFID Reader

• Multi Protocol RFID Reader module that meets the ISO standard
and USA’s EPCglobal standard
• Suitable for large-scale logistics and retail systems by the
multiple tag recognition over 30 objects per second
• Supports ISO/IEC18000-6B/6C, EPC C1G1, C1Gen2 Multi-protocol
• Small, thin and low power design with the world-class MIC and
TTA certified
• RF output controllable by the user(Max. +30dBm)
• Convenient host interface and firmware upgrade through
serial communication
• 900MHz RFID R/W application program

13.56MHz RFID
• Supports ISO/IEC 14443 Type A, Type B and
ISO/IEC 15693 standards
• Supports I-CODE and Tag-It protocol
• Low power architecture
• Internal oscillator buffer to connect 13.56 MHz quartz
• Supports SPI-compatible serial interface
• Programmable ASK modulation rate from 8% to 100%
• Programmable transmission current up to 120mA
• Multi-protocol RFID Reader function
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Required Device
• AC Power Cord : 1ea
• Serial Cable : 2ea
• Program CD : 1ea
• User’s Manual : 1ea