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PC BASED RFID Training Equipments (Main Console)
• The PC based RFID Trainer ED-1450 is a complete training system of total 2 Experimental Modules for RFID basic principles
and application experiments.
• Basically, ED-1450 model is designed for use by connecting to DS-1410 Docking Station(Option). PC connection through the
Docking Station enables contact control on MMI(HMI) based software. It is also used together with CBIS-1400(Option) for
realtime measurements on the computer screen.
• The electronic manual operable on PC comes with ED-1450 and e-learning is optimized by remote control of student’s
operating program and evaluation of student’s online report in real time.
• Through DS-1410, it provides Variable Power Supply(VPS), Function Generator(FG), Analog Output, Digital Output needed
for experiments.
• ISO/IEC 14443/15693/1800-3
• Operating Range : 125kHz(within 70mm), 13.56MHz(within 70mm)
• Anti Collision function
• Tag : 125kHz(Read Only Tag), 13.56MHz(Read / Write Tag)
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Required Device
M-51 RFID 125kHz Module
M-52 RFID 13.56MHz Module
• 125kHz TAG : 5ea
• 13.56MHz TAG : 5ea
• Connection Cord : 1set
• RS232 Cable : 1ea
• Program CD : 1set
• User Manual : 1ea
• AC Power Cord : 1ea