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UBIQUITOUS SENSOR NETWORK Training Equipments (Main Console)
• ZigBee network can be built using TinyOS
• Capable of control and monitor through Ethernet
• The RFID Card Reader is supplied as a standard shipped component for applied experiments on security, home automation and robot
• The Mote Expansion enables easy build of the USN Control System
• 10 types of basic sensors(standard shipped components) & additional 7 types of sensors(Option)
Movie Clip
Required Device
Illumination Sensor (Lux Meter and Photo Alarm Experiments)
Magnetic Sensor (Magnetic Flux Meter, Tachometer, Speed Meter Experiments)
Temperature Sensor (Thermometer Experiments)
Humidity Sensor (Hygrometer Experiments)
IR Sensor (Human Body Detection Sensor)
Ultrasonic Wave Sensor
Sound Sensor (Sound Detection)
Pressure Sensor (Atmospheric Pressure Measurement)
GAS Sensor (Gas Measurement)
RFID (RF Card Reader)
• Optional Sensor Modules(7ea)
» Acceleration Sensor
» GPS Sensor
» Interface Module
» PH Sensor
» Finger Print Sensor
» Azimuth Sensor
» Relay Module
• Serial Cable
• PC Program
• DC 5V Adapter
• Ethernet Cable