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PULSE CIRCUIT Training Equipments
• Modular system with experimental rack
• Pulse Generation, synthesis and conversion
• Built-in signal source and DC power supply
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Required Device
NO-6401 Differentiation/Integrating Circuit
NO-6402 Clamping/Clipping Circuit
NO-6403 Gate/Inverter Amps.
NO-6404 Miller/Boot-strap Circuits
NO-6405 Schmitt Trigger Circuit
NO -6406 Astable Multivibrator
NO-6407 Monostable Multivibrator
NO-6408 Bistable Multivibrator
NO-6409 Signal Source & DC Power Supply
• Patch Cord : 1set
• AC Power Cord : 1ea
• Experimental Manual : 1ea
• Experimental Rack(MR-8) : 1ea