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POWER ELECTRONICS Training Equipments
• Cover essential circuits needed to practice power electronics circuits
• Modular type with aluminum carrying case
• Optional rack to be customized upon requst
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Required Device
» ED-2040-A Single-Phase HalfWave/Full WaveRectification Circuit
» ED-2040-B 3-Phase Half Wave/Full Wave Rectification Circuit
» ED-2040-C Single-Phase Half wave/Full Wave Phase Control Circuit
» ED-2040-D 3-Phase Half wave/Full Wave Phase Control Circuit
» ED-2040-E Buck (Step-down) Converter Circuit
» ED-2040-F Boost (Step-up) Converter Circuit
» ED-2040-G PWM Wave Voltage Inverter Circuit
» ED-2040-H Square Wave Voltage Inverter Circuit
» ED-2040-I Single Phase Cyclo Converter Circuit
» ED-2040-J Single phase AC Controller Circuit