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MOTOR / GENERATOR Training Equipments
• Complete Motor/Generator Training System
• Various load characteristics(Resistance, L/C Reactance and Torque)
• Selectable System(ED-5100-1, ED-5100-2, ED-5100-3 or Full Set)
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Required Device
DC Machine DM-250
Synchronous Machine SM-250-3
Multi-Function Motor MFM-250
Induction Motor IM-250-3
Wound Rotor Motor WRM-250-3
3 & 4 points DC Starter ED-5111
SCR Speed Controller ED-5113
Wound Rotor Motor Controller ED-5115
Variable Resistance Load ED-5101
Reactance Load ED-5104
Electro-Dynamometer DYN-250
Prony Brake PB-250ED
DC Voltage/Ampere Meter ED-5105
AC Voltage/Ampere Meter ED-5106
AC Wattmeter ED-5109
AC/DC Power Supply ED-5119
3-Phase Voltage Controller ED-5120
Synchronizing Module ED-5110
Series Field Rheostat ED-5116
Switch Module ED-5121
M/G Mounting MGM-250-2
Bench-Top Console BTC-180-6
• Patch Cord(ø4 Plug Type) : 1set
• AC Power Cord : 2ea
• Experimental Manual : 1ea
• Operation Manual : 1ea