Exciting & Dynamic Robot Control Simulation Software
EDRS is powerful simulation software that helps develop the intelligent robot and give the user training in
convenient and speedy manner. Also, it comes with dynamic robot simulation based on three dimension and
implements minute performance control of the robot through Kinetic Engine.
• Simulation in various types of environment by configuring the robot and environment in three-dimension
• Configuration of the robot and environment by Robot Editor and Environment Editor
• Various sensors essential for the robot and environment can be mounted and monitored at the user’s choice
• 28 types of sensor for entering real life-like parameters and performing simulation
• Capable of exporting and loading the robot, object and environment which the user has drawn using 3D Max(OPTION)
• Possesses compiler itself and allows control of each robot sensor using C, C++ and Flow Chart Language and perform build and debug
• Programming Library enables programming on Virtual C++(MFC) and Eclipse
• Vision Sensor for viewing an object at the robot’s point of view and observation at the user’s and robot’s point of view in separate windows
• Realistic simulation using the Kinetic Engine for controlling the robot’s complex and minute performances
• Ehancement of educational effects with the Electronic Manual covering the robotics courses and over 20 types of flash animation for sensors and actuators
• Real-time upgrade of a latest version through the software’s Upgrade function on Internet
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Required Device
• Program Installation CD : 1 ea
» EDRS Program
» Dynamic Element Generator Plug-in (Option)
» Voiceware (Option)
• Key Lock : 1 ea
• Operation Manual : 1 ea
• Protective Hardcover Case : 1 ea